Professionalism, Experience and Education:

The traits that best describe Wireless Asset Group, LLC (WAG): Professionalism, Experience and Education.   The utilization of these traits makes WAG a respected and valued company within the wireless industry. WAG has completed multiple market build-outs related to all aspects of new site development, tower site modifications and fiber installation.

Our Vision:

The wireless industry is rapidly evolving.  This evolution involves updated technologies being deployed and demands for new site development by wireless service providers.  Simultaneously, the evolution involves changes to federal and state legislation and regulations, state and municipal zoning ordinances, and to local workplace safety standards.

With this evolution the need for responsible, educated and innovative solutions in the deployment of updated technology is vital.  Wireless providers will become more dependent on companies that continually educate themselves to all aspects of the evolution.  Wireless providers will also become increasingly dependent on companies with professional, educated and experienced employees that can react quickly and efficiency to meet their end goals.  WAG is one of these companies and is viewed by our established clients as a true asset.

Our Mission:

Wireless use will continue to grow and, as it does, network infra-structure will play an increasingly important role. WAG is committed to providing the highest levels of service within the industry which has been achieved through attention to customer satisfaction, developing strong business relationships with service providers and tower companies, financial strength and most importantly, an empowered and engaged staff of telecommunication professionals.

Our Executive Team

Jeffrey D. Allen

Jeffrey has over 15 years of telecommunication experience, and three years of this experience was with the nation’s largest wireless carrier, AT&T/Cingular Wireless. Jeffrey was employed as a Senior Project Manager of Real Estate and Construction overseeing the states of Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois. Prior to working in the telecommunication industry, Jeffrey was an employee of the Missouri State Real Estate Commission and is currently a licensed Missouri real estate broker. Jeffrey received an undergraduate degree in Public Administration from Southeast Missouri State University in 1992 and a Masters in Business Administration from Lindenwood University in 2000. Since leaving Cingular Wireless in 2002, Jeffrey has worked brokering telecommunication land deals for all the major wireless carriers throughout the Midwest.

Paul Thompson

Paul has over 20 years in the wireless telecommunication industry working for and with carriers in the area of Site Development.  He has 10 years’ experience with the nation’s largest wireless carrier, AT&T/Cingular Wireless. Paul held critical leadership positions with AT&T/Cingular including the Director of Site Development for the Central Region (Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas). In addition to managing the development and construction of thousands of cellular sites, he lead several technology change-out projects and managed capital and expense budgets. Prior to joining Cingular, Paul was a founding member of the Executive Team that established Comtrak Technologies, LLC, an ESCO Technologies Company. Comtrak deployed a wireless RF terrestrial-based vehicle tracking system in Chicago, IL, as well as Mexico City, Mexico. Paul was responsible for all subcontracts associated with development and manufacturing the equipment, and deployment and installation of the base station equipment at the site locations. Prior to Comtrak, Paul held various financial and procurement management positions with the nationally recognized Emerson Electric Company.